The Mission Valley Trades Fair and Business Expo 2019
Saturday, May 4th
Polson High School


Businesses are invited to participate in this exciting, effective and unique marketing opportunity. The festive environment and tradition of the TRADES FAIR makes it convenient and fun for potential customers to experience your product or service. We are proud to have a history of a tremendous variety of exhibitors, with virtually all aspects of commerce represented.
Booth displays may be set up Friday night from 5-10pm or Saturday morning from 7-8 and must be dismantled from 4-8pm Saturday. In order to conduct this event as equitably as possible and give full opportunity to all exhibitors, dismantling or abandoning a booth prior to 4pm is not permitted. It is simply too disruptive.

The page FOUND HERE identifies the various advertising and promotional opportunity packages that are available in order for you to participate. Following that page, you will find a Registration Blank. Please complete this simple form and return it to us as soon as possible.

Space is limited. Reserve your booth today! Our fax # is (406) 883-4441. Call 883-9200 or 1-800-750-5377 for information.

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